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This is a directory listing of sites covering the whole of the Transformers Universe from 1984 to the Present, classifying sites according to content. Transformers was based on the popular Japanese Takara toyline when Hasbro obtained the license in the early 1980's. It became an enormous success - producing an animated series that lasted 98 episodes, a theatrically-released movie, an 80-issue comic series, and one of the largest and most collectible toy lines ever created. After it was cancelled, it continued in Japan with new series and new characters in an ever-expanding Transformers Universe, with such titles as "Transformers: Victory" and "Headmasters". Hasbro attempted to resurrect the toyline in the early 90's by re-releasing the toys and the television series as "Generation 2". The Marvel comic series was also revamped in a short-lived 12-issue series. When these attempts fizzled, it seemed that Transformers would fade from obscurity as the fans grew older and left childhood fancies behind. Fortunately, that never happened, and Transformers returned to the air again in 1995 in an all-new, completely computer-generated animated series from Mainframe Entertainment, "Beast Wars: Transformers", accompanied by a brand-new toyline from Hasbro. For two straight seasons, it was the highest-rated animated series in syndication, and the demand for the action figures commanded hefty prices in the secondary market when supplies became scarce. At the beginning of Season 3, there were rumors that The Beast Wars were coming to an end. This turned out not only to be true, but a blessing to many fans as one series was ending to pave the way for an all-new and improved series that newer fans have said is even better than "Beast Wars" ever was. "Beast Machines" became one of FoxKids highest-rated shows and continued for 2 seasons. The future of Transformers appears promising as 2000 witnessed the release of an all-new toyline from Hasbro based on "Beast Machines"; "Transformers: The Movie" being re-released on DVD by Kids Rhino; BotCon; and the US release of the cel-animated Japanese TV series "Transformers: Car Robots" dubbed into English and re-titled "Robots In Disguise" with a full assortment of action figures from Hasbro based on TV show.


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Home > Arts > Animation > Cartoons > Titles > T > Transformers



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