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A group of teenage girls, all of them strangers to each other, become the Sailor Senshi, scouts chosen to defend the universe from the evil world known as the Negaverse. The girls become friends, leading a double-life. They must destroy the Youma, creatures sent from the Negaverse to gain the life-seeds of the population, while still keeping their identities a secret. The conflict becomes increasingly complex as new plots are formed and the girls learn more about who they really are. The leader, Sailor Moon, falls in love with Tuxedo Kamen, or Tuxedo Mask, who is actually her rival when they are in civilian form. He, the Three Lights, Chibiusa/Rini (Sailor Chibi Moon), Chibi-chibi, and the cats who originally introduced the girls to their new lives join the Senshi in their battle for justice. The Sailor Moon series was dubbed by DiC and aired on American television. While this increased the show's popularity, many were angered by the liberties DiC took with the plot in order to make it more American. In fact, DiC omitted some episodes from the American version. However, many fans get around this by only watching Sailor Moon subtitled. This is convenient because the movies and the later series were never dubbed. DiC has recently dubbed the third and fourth seasons. They are now being shown on American television and should be available on Canadian television in the fall.


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Home > Arts > Comics > Manga > Titles > S > Sailor Moon



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