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The roots of flamenco come from many sources: Morocco, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Greece, and other parts of the Near and Far East. The gypsies from the south of Spain created this music day by day since their arrival to Spain in the 15th century. It is believed that the word "flamenco" is a mis-pronunciation of the Arabic words "felag" (peasant) and "mengu" (fugitive). It is known that flamenco began to be used as a synonymous for "Andalucian gypsy" in the 18th century. Originally associated with music of Southern Spain, it is now popular throughout Spain, and artists can be found everywhere in the world. The basic flamenco ensemble consists of guitar, singer, and dancer. Additionally, singers will perform "palmas," a kind of precise rhythmic hand-clapping. Other instruments have been introduced into flamenco, including the cajón, flute, violin, bass, oud, and cello.


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Home > Arts > Music > Styles > R > Regional and Ethnic > Flamenco



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