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Modern riot Grrrl is essentially a feminist, anti-racist/homophobic/judgemental and DIY/activist movement. However, you will probably find that there are as many views on Riotgrrrl as there are riotgrrrls. It all started as an underground feminist movement, which created a feminist form of musical expression. Starting in the late 1980s, it reached its peak (of media attention) in 1992. Because of the medias distorted reflections of riotgrrrl (see the early 90s 'Girl Power' debacle) the movement has more recently drawn back from the media and now exists as an international subculture network. nb//Riot Grrrl is a non-commercial movement. Sites of small DIY businesses are okay, but sites of money grubbers will be rejected.


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Home > Arts > Music > Styles > R > Rock > Punk > Riot Grrl



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