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*** Important Notice *** The following sites will not be considered for addition: 1) Any collection of "Sponsor" or paid links. These include: bachsys, websponsors, clicktrade, cyberbounty, directleads, etc. Sites must have primarily original content/legitimate links. 2) Sites that use "Jump.cgi" or "Out.cgi" scripts or similar, redirect urls, forwarding pages, full page ads and similar to deter the determination of sponsor use and original content. 3) Sites with numerous popups or redirects through large ads. 4) Banner farms. 5) Doorway or affiliate sites. 6) Sites under construction. 7) "Get paid to surf the net" or "Earn free money off the net" types of sites. Free Stuff: This category is for free stuff available via the web, as well as sites listing links to free stuff. Examples include gifts, subscriptions, electronic postcards, catalogs, sweepstakes entries, coupons, etc. Link Pages: If your site contains a majority of legitimate links to offers, please submit it to When submitting your site, please ensure that: 1) You use the proper title for your site. 2) The description is brief, concise and accurate. No promotional copies please


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Home > Computers > Internet > On the Web > Free Stuff



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