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This category is for different versions of Smalltalk, which are considered and called different implementations. For all programming languages, significantly different versions of the language are considered different implementations. In most languages, this is an independent issue from the language's compilers/interpreters and environments. In other words, most languages can have different compilers and environments, for the same implementation. Smalltalk has no separate compilers/interpreters and environments, and never has had such. All such functions occur in, and as, a common unified, highly orthogonal system, together with the rest of the code comprising the language. To change or improve such functions, users write or 'file in' new code. Also, Smalltalk is an interpreted language, not compiled. All these Smalltalk traits are highly analogous to those of Forth (and Self), which also has implementations, not separate compilers/interpreters and environments. Due to the highly factored and extensible nature of these systems, if one alters the interpreter and/or environment significantly, this makes a new language implementation, with new Smalltalk classes or methods, or Forth words.


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Home > Computers > Programming > Languages > Smalltalk > Implementations



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