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4th Dimension is a graphical relational database designed for both casual users and expert programmers. Combining an intuitive, flexible interface and a industrial-strength programming language, 4th Dimension is an ideal development environment for all types of users and for companies of all sizes. Start Small and Build - 4th Dimension users can start with a simple database structure that includes 4D's automatic screens, reports, query tools, and other built-in features. As needs grow, users can add scripts to automate calculations, create buttons and drop-down list boxes to facilitate data entry, and write procedures for a completely custom interface. Web Capabilities - 4D incorporates data management on the Web as a standard database task within the 4D integrated client/server architecture. Users can work with any 4D form in a browser to create and publish data on the Web without writing a line of code or compromising data security. 4D supports HTML formats and external products; users can also add JavaScript applications and Java applets to built-in 4D features. Form Wizards - The 4D Form Wizard generates simple forms, enabling users to run an application immediately after a database structure is created. With point-and-click ease, 4D Form Wizard instantly generates a variety of forms enabling immediate access to your data. The advanced Form Wizard creates sophisticated templates. For more elaborate forms, the extensive, object-based form editor facilitates the reuse of forms and templates. Increase Productivity - 4th Dimension provides multi-tasking capabilities independent of the OS. With its multi-tasking kernel, 4DÆ can perform several tasks at once, such as importing data, generating reports, and printing labels. Each task can have its own window and is independently and automatically managed by a separate process. Using interprocess communication, actions in one window can automatically update data in another. Benefit from Platform Independence - 4th Dimension is a platform independent database. You can run a 4D database on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms without modification. Because both the Windows and Macintosh versions of 4D are based on the same source code, new features, updates, and other modifications will be available simultaneously. Automate Database Tasks - 4D contains its own procedural language that allows users to add unlimited functionality to their applications. Users can open windows, run reports, check user entries, and control the interface using over 550 built-in commands. One command in 4D's efficient language can replace hundreds of lines of programming required by other databases. Compile Code - A 4D application can be compiled into true, machine language with 4D Compiler. Compiled 4D code can run up to 1,000 times faster and provides increased security, ideal for vertical market applications. 4D Compiler allows 4D developers and users to create double-clickable, executable and client/server applications. Features - Data: 255 tables open simultaneously with unlimited relations, selections, and sets Alpha, Text, Real, Long Integer, Integer, Date, Time, Boolean, Picture (BLOBs), and Subfile 128 gigabyte data file capacity Includes data recovery tools Relations: One-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many relations Enter data, search, sort, and report across relations without programming Automatic referential integrity controls Searching and Sorting: Multi-criteria relational searching; criteria can be saved and loaded Four built-in search interfaces including Search by Formula and Search by Layout (Example) Relational searching and sorting on both indexed and non-indexed fields Interface: Graphic layout editor with complete control over shapes, colors, fonts, and styles Standard Windows and Macintosh interface objects: buttons, radio buttons,check boxes, thermometers, and more Extensive drill-down Explorer allowing easy navigation to all 4D objects Form Wizards instantly generate a variety of forms enabling immediate access to your data Advance Form Wizards automate creation and reuse of sophisticated form templates New debugger quickly and efficiently isolates and fixes source code errors Language: If, Case, For, While, and Repeat structures; local, global, and inter-process variables; one and two dimensional arrays; pointers; parameter passing; functions; object, layout, file, and global procedures Extend 4D's language with your own routines in Pascal, C, etc. Graphical Procedure editor with automatic indentation, colored keywords, search and replace, and interactive symbolic debugger Requirements Windows 486 or Pentium-based machine with a hard drive and one of the following software configurations: Windows 95 with at least 16 MB RAM; Windows NT Workstation or Server with at least 24 MB RAM; Macintosh 68020 or higher, or Power PC processor with a hard drive and the following software configuration: System 7.0 or greater with 16 MB RAM. 4th Dimension is accelerated for Power Macintosh.


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