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Designed by Edmond Dujardin. Published by Parker Brothers and later by Winning Moves. Original French name is "Mille Bornes" and means "thousand milestones". A game for 2, 3, 4 or 6 players, usually played as a partnership game by 4 players - 2 on each team. Original game since 1962. Takes about 45 minutes to play. The equipment consists of 112 Mille Borne cards, a score sheet and possibly a special card tray. The cards are: Distance Cards, Hazard Cards, Remedy Cards and Safety Cards. As a driver, you must follow the rules of the road. Namely: You can go only when the light is green. You must stop when the light is red. You must obey speed limit signs. If you get a flat tire, you must use a spare. If you run out of gas, you must refill your tank. If you have an accident, you must repair your car. You and your partner must try to travel 1,000 miles along an imaginary road. But be careful! Your opponents are trying to do the same and will try to slow you down by placing hazards in your path. Your challenge: to accumulate mileage by overcoming these hazards, while also trying to slow your opponents' progress with hazards of your own. The final object of the game is to be the first team to accumulate a total of 5,000 points in several hands of play. In doing so, you must try to complete a trip of exactly 1,000 miles in each hand played.

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Home > Games > Card Games > Special Decks > Mille Bornes



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