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Designed by Klaus Palesch and Wolfgang Kramer. Published in USA by US Games 1996. German edition is called "6 Nimmt!" and is published 1994 by Amigo Spiel. For 2-10 players and takes about 45 minutes to play. It has a deck of cards numbered 1 to 104. Players are given a hand of cards and then five more are played face up in the middle of the table. Players secretly pick one of their cards, and then in ascending order the cards are added to those in the middle of the board. When the sixth card of a set is placed in the middle, the five cards are taken by that player, leaving the sixth card to start a new set. Plus, each card has a variable number of bullheads on it, and when someone has taken sixty-six points worth of bullheads, the player with the lowest total is the winner.

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Home > Games > Card Games > Special Decks > Take 6



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