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A German game published by Mosquito 1997. Designed by Karl-Heinz Schmiel. 3-4 players. A card game with a number and a colour as trump. These are hidden from the beginning except for one of the players (the dealer). First is 4 different goal tokens taken by each players. The goals may be "take last trick", "avoid all red cards", "take most tricks", "take 3 tricks". All cards are dealt openly in columns with 4 cards. In the first phase are cards chosen one by one of the players and the one who knows the trump. After every round of choosing cards from the first free column the dealer says who gets the trick if it was played. In this way the other may guess the trump combination. The second phase starts with that all players except the dealer chooses one of their target tokens and reveals them simultaneously. The dealers goal is to reach one of the other players goal alone. Then it's an ordinary trick-taking games with the trump numbers as highest cards in the trump colour. Everyone who reaches his goal may discard his goal token. The dealer may choose which of his tokens he may discard. The winner is the one who has discarded all of his goal tokens.

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Home > Games > Card Games > Special Decks > Was Sticht



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