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Wizardry is considered the big granddaddy of computer fantasy role-playing games. One of the most ground breaking (and copied) computer role-playing games ever made, it was the first popular game to combine the elements of fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons with what was then an infantile computer game market. The games of the Wizardry Series have developed in complexity over time, but the basic game structure - which involves commanding a party of adventurers as they explore dungeons, fight monsters, and obtain artifacts while completing their special quest - has remained intact, and the games retain their popularity. Scenarios 1-7 of the Wizardry Series were published in one CD by Interplay, while Wizardry 8 is currently in production at Sirtech Canada. Sites devoted to more than one scenario are located in the main Wizardry Series directory, and sites focusing on one individual game are located in folders for that particular scenario.


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Home > Games > Video Games > Roleplaying > W > Wizardry Series



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