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URLs in this category address the misuse of chemical agents that are generally classified in one of eight categories: Click on the CAPITALIZED title to enter the category. AMPHETAMINES: Substances such as dextroamphetamine, "meth", methamphetamie, methylphenidate and other agents used as appetite suppressants. CANNABIS: Substances that are associated with marijuana, cannabinoids, and chemically similar synthetic compounds. COCAINE and CRACK: All forms of cocaine. HALLUCINOGENS: This group includes ergot and related compounds such as LSD, morning glory seeds, mescaline, STP, psilocybin, DMT. INHALANTS: Substances such as gasoline,lighter fluid, glue, paint thinner, and spray paints. OPIATES: All natural opioids, semisynthetics, synthetic with morphine-like action morphine, heroin, codeine, hydromorphone, methadone, meperidine, fentanyl. PHENCYCLIDINES: PCP, Sernylan and similarly acting compounds such as ketamine, "Special K", Ketalar, Ketaject and the thiophene analogue of phencyclidine, TCP. SEDATIVE, HYPNOTIC, ANXIOLYTIC: The sedative, hypnotic, andanxiolytic, antianxiety, substances include the benzodiazephine, the carbamates, barbiturates, and the barbiturate-like hypnotics. Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Klonopin, Serax, Halcion, Tranxene, Librium, Ambien, Doral, Dalamine, Sonata, Miltown (meprobamate), Phenobarbitol, etc. Most of these are sold legally as prescription drugs and are discussed in Drugs and Medications.


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Home > Health > Addictions > Substance Abuse > Drugs



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