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Self Injury can go by many names, such as:

Self Injury is far more widespread than is generally realized, especially in adolescents under stress. It also seems to be more common among women, partly because men are more likely to express strong feelings, such as anger, outwardly. However, people from all walks of life self-injure. Many individuals who self-injure believe they are the only person that hurts themselves in this way. Fear, shame and guilt may force people to keep self-injury secret for many years, so when encountering or discovering self-injury it is vital that support and understanding be shown. This means, as well, that the true extent of the disorder is unknown. Research shows that where it is acceptable to talk about, many women, as well as some men, reveal that they have self-injured at some time. Sites included in this category, and its sub-categories, are potentially triggering.


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Home > Health > Mental Health > Disorders > Impulse Control > Self Injury



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