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This category lists English-language sites containing recipes and cooking information for Ukrainian cuisine. "Ukrainian cuisine stems from peasant dishes based on grains and staple vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, beets and mushrooms. Meat is typically boiled, fried or stewed. Desserts are usually laden with honey and fruit, mainly cherries and plums, and often baked into sweet breads. While the small dumplings known as varenyky (perogies) are by far the most popular Ukrainian snack, the sacred dish is salo - pig fat. Salo consumption goes back centuries, and Ukrainians age and prize it as obsessively as the French do wine. Borshch originated in Ukraine and is still the national soup; the beet and mixed-vegetable broth is typically served with cream." Source: Lonely Planet's Guide to Ukraine


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Home > Home > Cooking > World Cuisines > European > Ukrainian



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