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Sites featuring EXONUMIA: defined as tokens, medals, badges and other related items. The word 'exonumia' is derived from two classical roots: 'exo-', or 'out-of', and 'numis', a coin, so exonumia refers to coin-like objects, but not coins. Tokens are generally issued in place of currency and possess some monetary or trade value. They were originally issued because the government could not produce enough small change to meet the needs of trade. Now many are produced as promotional items or to control cash/currency flow. They are used in casinos, video game parlors, bus companies, etc. Medals are generally issued to commemorate an event or person, and are not designed to circulate. Although exonumia covers a wide area, this topic is limited. Military medals are under the area of Orders and Decorations. Casino and gaming chips also have their own area.


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Home > Recreation > Collecting > Coins > Medals and Tokens



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