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Loving, devoted, intelligent, sweet, beautiful, loyal, and chipper are probably the best descriptions of the Sheltland Sheepdog - also known as the "Sheltie".

This breed is one of the smallest members of the Herding Group, looking like a Rough Collie in miniature. The most common coat colors are: sable and white; tricolor (black, tan and white); bicolor (black and white, or merle and white); and blue merle (black, tan, and white). Their size, which ranges from 12 to 18 inches at the shoulder, is ideal for the diminutive sheep found on their native Shetland Islands, and the herding instinct is still strong in this breed. Shelties were also valued as a watch dog to keep the sheep out of the garden and alert their family to the approach of stranger - hence, as a breed, they tend to be more vocal.

Their conformation, which resembles a collie in miniature, is beautifully balanced and designed for tremendous endurance - be it working with sheep, or playing with children. They are outstanding family dogs, perfect for either farm or apartment, which is one reason for their extreme popularity. The AKC has listed the Shelie consistently in the top 15 favorite breeds for several decades.

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Home > Recreation > Pets > Dogs > Breeds > Herding Group > Shetland Sheepdog



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