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This category is for websites about information and organizations related specifically to the city of Colusa, and may contain links to related geographic categories, as well as to topical sub-categories.

Colusa, population 5,300:

At a particular bend in the river, Indians had made their home for hundreds, some say possibly thousands, of years. During the high water flood stage, occurring during and after the winter rains, this particular stretch of riverside stayed dry as the muddy waters swirled by the high bank. It also was a good place to trap steelhead trout for which the Indians used weirs (dam-like traps). Mistaken for salmon by the first white settlers in the area, the netted fish gave the area the name Salmon Bend. Later, the area was called "Colus" after the Indians that inhabited, which was then changed to Colusa. Source: Colusa Chamber of Commerce

Please note that although it lies within the city limits of San Diego, the community of La Jolla is maintained as a separate category. Sites related to La Jolla are found there, not here.

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