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This category classifies sites according to the molecules of primary interest. These molecules differ from Organic Chemicals in that they were discovered from their synthesis within living cells. Originally these would be extracted from plants or animals. Many biomolecules can now be produced synthetically from simple chemicals; sugars, amino acids, steroids or drugs that mimic their effects.

More often the term biomolecule, applies to macromolecules which are polymers of
sugars: oligosaccharides
amino acids: peptides and proteins
nucleotides: oligonucleotides, DNA and RNA
Sites primarily covering translocation of DNA and translation of RNA, may be found in Gene_Expression
For sites on the role of cyclic nucleotides and phosphoinositols in their biochemical role, see Signal_Transduction
Steroids and Prostaglandins are currently included in Carbohydrates_and_Lipids.


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Home > Science > Biology > Biochemistry and Molecular Biology > Biomolecules



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