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The Zygomycota are a group of fungi, the pin moulds and others, with about 1000 species. They can be identified by the fact that their hyphae are not divided by septa and that their spores are produced inside sporangia, which are held aloft on special hyphae called sporangiophores. There are two classes, the smaller, Trichomycetes, being parasites or commensals inside the guts of living arthropods. The larger class, Zygomycetes, with about 900 species, are moulds, with many being parasites of nematodes, protists and insects. Many zygomycotes are mycorrhizal and form symbiotic relationships with plants, where branches of the hyphae form intricate structures within the root cells of the host.


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Home > Science > Biology > Flora and Fauna > Fungi > Zygomycota



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