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Na-Dene Languages

Haida Stock

Haida (Canada)

Tlingit Stock

Tlingit (USA)

Nuclear Na-Dene Stock

Eyak Family

Eyak (USA)

Athapaskan Family

Apachean Branch

Kiowa Apache (USA)

Eastern Navajo-Apache Group

Jicarilla Apache (USA)
Lipan Apache (USA)
Mescalero-Chiricahua Apache (USA)

Western Navajo-Apache Group

Western Apache (USA)
Navaho (USA)

Canadian Branch

Beaver-Sekan Group

Beaver (Canada)
Sekani (Canada)

Carrier-Chilcotin Group

Babine (Canada)
Southern Carrier (Canada)
Carrier (Canada)
Chilcotin (Canada)

Han-Kutchin Group

Gwich'in (USA)
Han (USA)

Hare-Chipewyan Group

Chipewyan (Canada)
Dogrib (Canada)
Slavey (Canada)

Sarcee Group

Sarsi (Canada)

Ingalik-Koyukon Branch

Ingalik Group

Degexit'an (USA)

Koyukon-Holikachuk Group

Holikachuk (USA)
Koyukon (USA)

California Pacific Coast Group

Hupa (USA)
Kato (USA)
Mattole (USA)
Wailaki (USA)

Oregon Pacific Coast Group

Chetco (USA)
Coquille (USA)
Galice (USA)
Tolowa (USA)
Tututni (USA)

Tahltan-Kaska Branch

Kaska (Canada)
Tagish (Canada)
Tahltan (Canada)

Tanaina-Ahtna Branch

Ahtena (USA)
Tanaina (USA)

Tanana-Upper Kuskokwim Branch

Upper Tanana (USA)
Tanana (USA)
Upper Kuskokwim (USA)

Tutchone Branch

Tutchone (Canada)


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Home > Science > Social Sciences > Linguistics > Languages > Natural > Na-Dene



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