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Light Pollution (also called obtrusive lighting, photopollution and luminous pollution) is not the opposite of heavy pollution, but is pollution caused by the increasing use of urban, and now rural, outdoor lighting which has deemed many countries practically unsuitable for observations using astronomical telescopes. This form of pollution affects the polluter's pocket as well as astronomers; drivers (by dazzling them); neighbours or nearby residents, and wildlife (both plants and animals). People are only just beginning to realise that there is a problem, even though it has been around for half a century now, and has been gradually getting worse and more rural. The sites in this category are helpful to people who are affected by or wish to tackle a lighting problem, or people who wish to help by installing more environmentally-friendly lighting. Good lights are not too bright, and do not blot out the sky; they save energy and give us back something like the dark skies that people enjoyed long ago. The light from the rest of the universe takes hundreds, thousands or millions of years to reach our eyes. What a pity to lose it in the last moments of its journey through a wasteful source of light near you. So, think before you install your next light. (Last two paragraphs adapted from old Campaign for Dark Skies homepage) If you are interested in combating light pollution contact one of the many regional dark-sky (i.e.: anti-light-pollution) groups listed.

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