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This category is for websites that provide relationship advice. Sites in this category generally provide a combination of advice in the areas of love, romance, dating, families, and marriage.

For sites that offer advice in a specific area, please see the following:

Dating advice Society/Relationships/Dating/Advice

General "life" advice Society/Advice

Sexuality adviceSexuality/Advice Sexuality/Advice

Guidelines for Suggesting Sites

Following these guidelines may allow us to add your site to the directory more quickly.

If your site deals with a combination of relationship areas Society/Relationships/Advice is the proper category.

If your site deals mainly with dating advice, please suggest it to: Society/Relationships/Dating/Advice

If your site deals advice about life in general, please suggest it to: Society/Advice

If your site deals advice about sexuality, please suggest it to: Sexuality/Advice

Sites will NOT be placed in multiple categories.


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Home > Society > Relationships > Advice



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