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The Morgan Horse is an extremely versatile, and sturdy breed with great stamina. Influences stemming from the Tennessee Walker, Standardbred, and Sabblebred.
Below are the four main families in the Morgan breed.

  • Brunk - Bred by Joseph Brunk (Illinois), with the line breeding tracing back to the foundation mare, Daisy.
  • Lippitt - Bred by Robert Lippitt Knight (Vermont), and tracing back to the stallion, Ethan Allen 2nd.
  • Government - Bred by United States Government farms, between 1905-1951, using the foundation stallion, General Gates. It is the largest of the Morgan families.
  • Western Working - There is no single breeder, common to this family, however the line draws mostly from Government stallions, and from breeding programs in Kansas, California, Nevada and Texas. The aim of this family, is to breed a horse to work the western ranges of the United States.
  • There are also smaller families which are horses descended from one horse or breeding program.

    ref: American Morgan Horse Association


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    Home > Sports > Equestrian > Breeds > Morgan



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