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Two patterns are recognized by the PtHA: Tobiano and Overo. A Breeding Stock Division is offered for solid colored horses or horses with insufficient color to be placed in the color classification and/or horses with documented and registered color in their pedigree or horses with two or more Pinto characteristics. Four square inches of cumulative white is all you need to register your horse in the Pinto Horse Association (three inches for ponies and two inches for minis.) (PtHA does not accept animals crossed with or showing evidence of Appaloosa, Mule or Draft horse breeding). Saddle Type HORSE: English horse of predominantly Saddle, Hackney or Tennessee Walking Horse breeding displaying high head carriage and animated, high action of these breeds. PONY: English-type pony displaying the carriage, animation, and action of the Saddle and Tennessee Walking Horses and modern style Shetland and Hackney Ponies. Hunter Type HORSE: English horse of predominantly Thoroughbred breeding. PONY: Reflects conformation associated with the Thoroughbred horse and Connemara Pony. Stock Type HORSE: Western horse of predominantly Quarter and Paint Breeding and conformation. PONY: Western type displaying conformation with Quarter Horse and original Shetland Pony. Pleasure Type HORSE: Horse of predominantly Arabian Horse and/or Morgan breeding. PONY: Reflects carriage and conformation associated with the Arabian and Morgan horse and Welsh pony.

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Home > Sports > Equestrian > Breeds > Pinto > Breeders



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