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Karate is one of the most well known Martial Art word in the world. As such, it is probably the must misunderstood and misused word. There are many schools that use the term "Karate" to describe their Martial Art. For the purposes of this category, "Karate" will be understood as the following. Karate, meaning empty hands, is a style of Martial Art with Okinawan and Japanese roots and traditions. One of the key figures of Karate is Gichin Funakoshi. Most of the traditional Karate systems today, can trace their lineage to him. Today, there are more systems of Karate than could possibly be categorized here. For your site to fit this category, it must represent a "Karate" system that has its origin in an Okinawan/Japanese traditional karate.


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Home > Sports > Martial Arts > Karate



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