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Sather is an object-oriented functional (multiparadigm) programming language. The first version was based on the language Eiffel, later versions diverged, and now have several functional programming features. One way to view Sather is as an object-oriented language with many ideas borrowed from Eiffel. The name was inspired by Eiffel: Sather Tower is a noted landmark in Berkeley, California, as the Eiffel Tower is noted landmark in Paris, France. Sather is designed to be simple, efficient, safe, flexible and non-proprietary. Goals: to be as efficient as C, C++, Fortran; as elegant as, and safer than, Eiffel; and to support higher-order functions and iteration abstraction as well as Common Lisp (CL), CLU, Scheme.

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Home > Computers > Programming > Languages > Sather



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