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This game is an exclusive for the PSX from Shiny Entertainment.

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This is the story of the Wild 9; a non-stop thrill ride bursting with action and adventure, and filled to the brim with wild humor. Join Wex Major, a teenager lost in another galaxy, as he is brought together with a motley group of 8 alien teenage orphans with whom he bands to lead them as the 'Wild 9'. Wex Major reluctantly discovers that he is rumored to be the 'Great Champion' who will operate the magical 'Rig and Glove' weapon and liberate the billions of inhabitants of the Andromeda Galaxy. Together the Wild 9 embark upon a 'David vs. Goliath' battle against 'Karn' - a 376-year-old enormous 'face' who has the power of a god, yet the temperament of a toddler. Karn has set his sights on harnessing the ultimate power of The Glove and Rig, as well as the only being capable of using; Wex Major. Welcome to a world where evil black sheep walk upright and wield chainsaws, where a psychotic with 176 separate personalities can be considered a 'good guy', where a heroine can draw her power from a magical tartan superhero outfit, and where a normal teenage boy can be the savior of an entire galaxy. Welcome to Wild 9.

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Home > Games > Video Games > Platform > Wild 9



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